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Monday, April 19, 2010

us military warns of serious oil shortages

from the recent guardian article...
The US military has warned that surplus oil production capacity could disappear within two years and there could be serious shortages by 2015 with a significant economic and political impact.
it is interesting that this is coming to the public from the US military - which could be the largest user of oil and not from the energy think tanks across the world.
the entire report is here.
their prediction should seriously alarm a lot of people.

what this implies is that status quo in thinking about energy will lead to drastic price rises across all categories of basic items and obviously chaos will reign supreme...

and the report continues on the big security issues that will hit us in the coming decades (not that one needs the intelligence gathering abilities of the US military to come to this conclusion):
1. demographics
2. economics
3. globalisation
4. energy
5. pandemics
6. cyber
7. water
8. food
9. climate change
10. space
the 5 marked blod are, easy to see, heavily interlinked and cannot be viewed separate from each other.

the solutions may appear drastic, but is inevitable within our lifetimes itself, it is time we closely pare our consumption-led lives.


Vanessa said...

Nothing from you about the volcano in Iceland?

csm said...

in due course, if the cloud clears up :-)