Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Friday, April 30, 2010

the first rain

from 845pm to 910pm.
as we were about to retire into well deserved slumber, the sound hit us first.
we rushed down, the beautiful blackness was clearly approaching and the patter increasing in intensity.
and then it hit us.
welcome, wonderful and winsome wonderburst of water.

the best part of rain is always to see it approach from the horizon and living in bombay for so many years has allowed me this unlimited joy.
but tonight has to be the best ever.

this is also the first time i experience this feeling as a farmer, understanding the importance of this simple natural phenomenon in the lives of the villagers.

we are just planting a field with finger millet (kezhvaragu in tamil and ragi in hindi) and cow pea (karamani in tamil and chouli beans in hindi).
this is perfect timing for their growth and health.

this is text-book rain fed agriculture.
we are trying it this year.

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