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Friday, April 16, 2010


auroville is an universal town nearby puducherry.
shri aurobindo and the mother are the leading spiritual inspirations and the latter has played the pivotal role is creating auroville.

it is a happening place, teeming with naturalists and some wonderful projects and inspiring people.
1. pitchandikulam forest
2. pebble garden
3. nadukuppam
4. sadhana forest
all these and many more have converted an once desolate landscape into a green oasis.

and there is so much more that goes on in art, culture, education, etc.
planning a holiday, this could be an alternate location to work, learn and grow.

pRis luckily just around 60 kms from auroville.

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Anonymous said...

Heard from my colleague (a pondi native) that there are 'Other Things' that happen within the Ashram. A few years back, a local girl who had been working as a maid within the commune, disappeared mysteriously. The locals suspected foul-play and wanted the police to intervene but were heavily dissuaded (even with political interference). And the rumour is that 'Foreign Mafia' groups are running the coomune.