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Saturday, April 17, 2010

things are afoot

while we manage through the scorching summer, a quick look into what is happening out here at pR.

1. vegetables - radishes, snake gourd, bitter gourd, cucumber, bottle gourd are in a good growing stage. there has been a growing lull after the winter harvest - maybe beginners luck!
2. solar oven - we have been building a solar cob oven over the last 2 weeks and will commission it in the coming week. will result in new cooking patterns and considerable saving of fuel wood.
3. millets - we are preparing a field for growing ragi. sowing will happen in a week and transplating in a month and harvest in 100 days from now.
4. wind turbine - we are off-the-grid with respect to electricity; we are augmenting the solar power system with a wind turbine. this will ensure than come rain or shine, we will be powered up.
5. trees - we are going to plant around 400 trees this year. this will happen after the first showers of the october-december monsoon rains.
6. irrigation - we will be installing a treadle pump to assist in irrigation of the aforementioned millets and other grains that we will grow.

more actions will be added as the year progresses.
all in all, an action packed year ahead.
watch this space.


Narasinga said...

It would be nice to see some pictures...

csm said...

ss - thanks.
n - each listed item will be a full article/post. waiting for them to be ready. most of underway/coming up in may-june.

Purvs said...

Am so proud of both of you!

csm said...

pv - whats the plan during vacations?