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Thursday, January 14, 2010

honey drenched trip

we spent 3 days at sengottai and it was memorable.
the beauty of the place left me in little doubt on kerala's claim as God's own country.
the village we went to was around 6 kms westwards towards the kerala border and at the foot of the western ghats. spellbinding natural beauty.
it was certainly more kerala than tamilnadu in its geography.

and one of the key moments was honey drenched.
to see a hive at extreme close up and to eat the honey fresh of the comb was ultra-sweet!
bees do sting, but we were a bit lucky. we did not even realise (the bee-box looks like a harmless post box until we got a closer dekko. by then the honey and curiosity had lulled our normally sharp senses :-)

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Good to know about your trip.
"Bees do sting!" huh?
I'd rather get the 'dabur honey'