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Friday, January 22, 2010

first 3 days at point return

just back from an intensive/exhaustive (note - not exhausting)/invigorating/enriching 3 days at point return.

1. started making friends with the cows that are hosted at pR.
2. started the process of making another banana circle (also endearingly called kannamma (கண்ணம்மா). details will follow.
3. started to understand the power of swales for storing water. such a majestic topographical design.

and so much more.

thinking of starting a new section at Fun, yeah?
what say readers...


Krupakar said...

Way to go, SKD. Some of us are following your PointReturn story closely, whether as an other section or in the main. One question that you can perhaps address when you get the time: How do you pass the waking hours? There is labor and handiwork to be done, but is that it? To draw a parallel, Gandhiji @ the Phoenix farm divided his time between manual (farm related) and intellectual (edited 'Indian Opinion' etc) pursuits. Is it possible to just do the former and be engaged in the medium term? Or are you also engaged in some of the latter?

csm said...

hi krups - good to see you here.
will respond in a separate post.

currently the work at pR itself is a combination of labour and intellectual work. there is a such a lot of farm design as part of what we are doing plus of course that we are learning so many new things.