Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

poison in our food

one of the hidden or low-level reasons for the move is the growing realisation of how we are slowly and knowingly poisoning our bodies and poisoning the generations to come.

while it is fairly clear that the whole reason for running behind money/good job, etc is to be healthy along with being wealthy, the actions we take to ensure our health baffles me.

the only study i can lay my hands on is the CSE study on pesticide contamination of our foodstuff which followed their pesticola story.
there are other estimates and theories - which simply (and correctly) expand based on the deleterious health outcomes that we are seeing.

and these are over and above the very open and obvious food adulteration problem.

i think it is time that we stop hiding behind the 'there-is-no-choice'.
there are many answers...
1. buy organic
2. grow some vegetables in your home
3. increase awareness
4. buy only seasonal fruits/vegetables
5. say no to imported items
6. become a farmer

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