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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

about time - netas under IT scanner

TOI reports that the IT dept has decided to scrutinise the poll affidavits of the candidates of the recent Lok Sabha polls as against their annual filings for income tax declarations.

about time. the extraordinary wealth that they are accumulating is obviously at our expense.

the recent mah state elections was analysed by Mah Election Watch - 200 crorepatis!!

association of democratic reforms (ADR India) is a must-follow election watchdog.
read their report on the MPs in the current Lok Sabha.

but since the chor and police are bhai-bhai, where do you think this investigation will go?


Vanessa said...

4:28 AM?
Like there's a jetlag when you travel to Chennai from Mumbai :)

Btw, DALLAS weather update for you...Thursday forecast -2 max and -10 min. below freezing for 50+ hours straight. Isn't it insane?

csm said...

train-lag is a non-existent phenom.

considering that chennai is ultra-pleasant, something must be screwing up up there in the atmosphere...

Vanessa said...

"chennai is ultra-pleasant"..Wow.
csm-effect :)