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Sunday, July 19, 2009

prices - haywire

some random purchases from today...
6 green bananas - Rs 20
6 little yellow bananas - Rs 12
1 kg cucumber - Rs 35
1 kg toor dal - Rs 100

and they say inflation is at all time low levels!!

p.s: today's TOI carries this story reinforcing dichotomy between inflation and real prices.
...official data shows that prices of cereals, pulses and vegetables have gone up by more than 12% to 20% in the last one year. According to finance ministry data, while the overall inflation rate has been constantly coming down since November 2008 and is currently in the negative domain, prices of essential commodities have been rising sharply.
In the last one year, prices of cereals, pulses and vegetables — as indicated by the wholesale price index calculated on year-on-year basis — have gone up from -1% to 7% in June 2008 to 13-
20% in June 2009. The price rise of cereals registered 7% in June 2008 when the overall inflation rate was 12%. When the inflation rate started climbing down in November and registered a single-digit figure of 8%, the prices of cereals went up by 9%, pulses 11% and vegetables by 24%.
In March, the inflation rate touched the 1% level but that of cereals went up by 12% and pulses by 11%. Though prices of vegetables were in the negative domain bringing some respite to the common man, they again rose to 20% in June 2009 when the prices of cereals were up by 13% and pulses by 17%.


Ludwig said...


do you know that in Google Reader, this post looks like the following?

6 green bananas - Rs 206 little yellow bananas - Rs 121 kg cucumber - Rs 351 kg toor dal - Rs 100

blew my socks off!

csm said...

i cant understand google reader and igoogle.
especially when the apostropes becomes *$87^%...

Unknown said...

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