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Thursday, July 16, 2009

water supply - mumbai

i grew up in madras for around 22 years, a water scarce city. pumping water was a daily affair.
the last 10 years, i have been in bombay, a water surplus city. bombay residents are 'water wastrels' - not only in comparison with madras, but even absolutely.

here is a great diagram which explains bombay's water supply.
courtesy hindustan times july 14th mumbai edition

the current situation is certainly unsustainable - getting water from 100+ kms away.
am sure that the locals there are cursing us - the city dwellers.


Vanessa said...

I say, spending some time in Madras is good. We got frugal with water after a short stay there. Eye-opener.
On a little different note,

csm said...

may be a compulsory stint in rajasthan would be better than chennai :-)