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Saturday, July 11, 2009

96 months left

i am not a big fan of prince charles and would treat his 96 month doomsday scenario with skepticism.

but there are enough signs that something is going very wrong. and many of the prince's points are valid diagnosis.

may be a 'scare' tactic may jolt a few out of their insensitivities? i don't think so...

in the 11th hour, david suzuki mentions a study which costs the services rendered by nature at $33 trillion per annum. and that economists assume that these services (i.e., pollination, CO2 to oxygen conversion, etc) in their models and think that these services are free and will be available forever.

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Vanessa said...

No comments about 96 months, but I am convinced that we need drastic measures now. Its beyond the scope of, "some of us not using plastic bags, being frugal with electricity, driving less" etc. And in G8, India and China OPPOSE!!! measures to reduce global warming!! Its not the time to point fingers. We could at least agree for half of the measures developed nations agree on.