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Monday, July 20, 2009

common school system

CSS is a must for our country and societies.
kapil sibal has been making a lot of noises over the last weeks over education reform, but not he not anyone even comes close to tackling the real issue.
this is the main crux in this article by latha jishnu.
The debate on reforming the system, too, is skewed and dishonest. Those who advocate market-based solutions to the lack of schooling in India refuse to acknowledge that the common school system prevalent in the US, UK and other developed Western countries was vital in nation-building and building egalitarian societies. While the liberal economics of the developed world, specially the G8, is constantly touted as the way forward, the schooling system of these countries is never held up as a model worth emulating. To admit that the developed world grew and prospered on the basis of strong government-funded schooling which provided quality education would undermine their arguments for privatisation.
the common school system is central to every concept of equity and freedom and democracy.

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