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Monday, February 16, 2009

discovery of the year

an agricultural piece of farm land.
smack bang in the middle of mumbai's center.
right close to where we stay.
here are some wikimapia screenshots. the green spot in the center with the "bulls-eye" mark.

and a slightly zoomed version.

it does not look too much from the satellites, but it is approx a 250 sq mt plot (2500 sq ft) where 8 families operate. the whole area was split into multiple rectangular patches (approx 25 sq ft each) and general harvesting is done based on demand (they first thought, that we were there to buy).
they grow leafy vegetables (we saw 4 types) and bhindi. पलक takes around 1 month from seed to harvest and other leafy vegetables take a bit more.
we have offered our services as volunteers for picking, planting and general मजदूरी over the weekends.
will check it out next weekend.
quite staggering to retain such a place in one of the most expensive realty zones of the city. and the bloody luckbychance that we spotted it while on a jaunty walk.


Vanessa said...

Good internship opportunity. Without even leaving Mumbai. Great.

SrgntPepper said...

where is this?!

csm said...

tata press lane, near yuvathi sharan ladies hostel.
take the first left coming from century bazaar toward siddhi vinayak.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

nice find!
also majdoori opportunities avl here too. :)