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Monday, February 16, 2009

आज की कंगाल मजाक

inspired by PJ du jour of ships, etc, here is my KM (kangal mazak) of the day.

Early warning
drew a poor response when tested with the public (1 person only).

Q: a desi-engineer starts a new technology company dealing in cutting edge innovation. what does he call it?

Ans: तलवार technologies.


Purvs said...

Shouldn't it be Aaj KA Kangal Mazak?

Anyway, hey if that volunteering thing works out with the farmers, please let me know I would be very interested in coming as well.

csm said...

i did KA first and then remembered my major noun rule - "choose female when in doubt".
never sure about gender. you must be right.

since there is a level of demand based activity, we plan to visit every sat/sun morning, till we get some action.

we have also offered to do some simple gardening activities with our just-adjacent neighbours - who have not succumbed to the "sell land to builders" scheme.