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Monday, February 23, 2009

volunteering at the local farm - 2

Day 2 was even better। (day 1 here at our service farm)

We got some additional labour force (with all prior permissions), as they needed to get some serious ploughing done.

Around 10 or so plots needed to be ploughed for the next planting cycle. But only 2 plots were watered overnight and hence had softened up enough for ploughing.

A team of 6 people joined us and away we went wielding our pickaxes and कुलाड़.

The boys who joined were hyper enthu and joined up to plough 2 unwatered plots as well.

It is a tough job and requires the finesse of a weightlifter. Technique is so critical.

In the macho mode, within 10 strokes we were all left breathless. With the right technique, your output multiplies fourfold.

All the kids in the families also joined in and we had a blast.

The girls wanted to take home some palak/methi for their dinner. And there was the major 'reverse-negotiation' scene. The girls wanted to pay, the farmers said no.

The eldest brother talked about lots of ‘spiritual’ stuff – ‘ego, atma, karma’ and all. Very beautifully and from the heart and it fully resonated within me.

We watched the boys boisterously wind down the days exertions, diving and swimming in the massive well.

Truly an outstanding evening of work and joy.


Airspy said...

Would love to vistit this place

csm said...

air - welcome the next time you are here.

Purvs said...

GOD! I am so envious. I really wanted to come! It feels like there is SOME social obligation or the other EVERY weekend!!! :(