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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i love a good recession

most reports indicate that the world economy is going to go through some 'root-canal' pain.
global-recession is around the corner.
but this is not whether this is going to happen or the economic theory or the corrective actions undertaken by the regulators, etc.
i have always received such news with glee, an element of 'i-told-you-so', a dash of 'serves-them-right'. a shake-up was required to reign in the rampaging power/money hungry capitalistic hordes!
it asserted that my moral position was superior to the rest of the majority in the capitalistic world.
it is obviously flawed from not only the same moral position, but from the devastation that a recession will unleash onto the ground.

i stand corrected.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

torn between an attitude of "Oh poor world what has happened to you" to "Heck who cares?" myself.

Vanessa said...

I am pretty neutral. Whatever goes up has to come down eh? :) And of course, will go up again.

csm said...

tons of folks at the lower ends of the economic spectrum are going to get even lower...
there is no doubt about it.
that is going to be dangerous for our society, which is already showing violent inclinations.
the rich and middle class will get away with (say 25% to 50% wealth erosion) it.

Vanessa said...

csm, touching back on your post about homeschooling. I was dead against it, still the curiosity got better off me. Enough to get me into some research. Public library had wealth of information. books, cds. Its much more common than i thought (in the US).
I have decided to give it a try. Shreya is not going to a pre-school, goes to a daycare. We had planned a break from daycare for the winter anyway. I'll test the water, for a few weeks at least.

She starts public school in sept 09, i have till then to decide whether homeschool is the one for her. Have nothing to loose.
Will try and post my daily experiences... or alternate day (i am not too much into writing :(..)
Any comments/ encouragement/ suggestions/ observations/ constructive criticism from you (and kbpm) will be highly appreciated.

csm said...

v - challenging move indeed.
the US is certainly the epicenter of home schooling and there are tons of resources and groups that could be accessed.
i would suggest for you to access a like minded family in the vicinity.
this would mean that between the 2 families, the 2 sets of kids are educated.

ideas for shreya:
1. create a self-learning corner in her room.
2. dont get into reading, writing, alphabets, numbers (i.e., the teaching of the above) till she is over 5.
3. speak to her a lot. and in multiple languages.

good luck and will be great to hear on the progress. you will need to be extremely patient.

Vanessa said...

The three things i tell my self are 1 Patience, patience, patience.
I am really short in that department. Half the battle will be won when i conquer it.