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Friday, November 28, 2008

ATS deaths - malodorous

ATS was heading one of the most controversial investigations - on 'hindu terror' through the involvement of Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya in the Malegoan blasts.

the hindu right wing had started assembling their might against the ATS.
1. shiv sena calls for state bandh on 26th Nov.
2. advani joins the sangh parivar chorus to release the sadhvi on 18th Nov.

and 24 hours from sena's bandh call, the ATS head - hemant karkare is dead in "mumbai 26/11".

the mumbai mirror reports how the terrorists got the ATS.

at 230AM on thursday, when i first heard the news, i was discomfited with this news.
now, it stinks.

p.s.: i forgot to add that ACP Kamte (in Pune), Inspector Salaskar have already been cremated and ATS head Karkare 's last rites will be on Saturday.
surely no time for any investigation into their deaths...


Falstaff said...

I agree - it does stink.

And it makes you wonder, doesn't it, what evidence we have that the two 'terrorists' who attacked the ATS were related to the ones responsible for the other attacks.

csm said...

this will get buried in the incessant blame-mongering that the police, army, navy, NSG, state home ministry, central home ministry will indulge in.

Purvs said...

NIraj is convinced that the Jews at Nariman House were intelligence under cover... conspiracy theory?

csm said...

purvi - of course niraj is spot on.
along with the usual factors of importance, bombay has a high muslim population, and israel would be stupid not to keep 'nigraani'.
check out the blog on this matter - here.

Serious Lounger said...

csm, looks like our esteemed minister of minority affairs reads your blog :D :P.. anyways, my take with this thing - why were the three senior officers together in the same car at a time of emergency, why werent they wearing better protection.. and i think for once, i do believe what our security forces are telling us in this case.. And as far as I am concerned, AR Antulay can rot wherever..