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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

waiting for change

the collective sighs, yippees, yays, phews and other high and low frequency sounds have passed us now.
obama has handsomely won and created a whole new paradigm in democracy in the USA. the man is super hot when he is on public display with a mike in front of him.
second to bill clinton in public oratory.
america has been heralded by him into the throes of change!!!

waiting to see it!!
have few doubts.

for the pedigree he has been colour-associated with --- mandela, martin luther king... he should get his primary focus on peace.


Vanessa said...

The best thing about Obama for me was, he never tried to cash in on his race, the way Clinton and Palin tried to cash in on their "womanhood". He stuck to his agenda for America.

csm said...

v - agree with that observation which has been thoroughly analysed.
there is a high level of a 'new type of energy' in the world after yesterday.
but, it could dissipate with the same rapidity if not nurtured.