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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai ka Police Commissioner kaun?

am sure that a significant majority would not have answered this question pre 26/11.
am certain, that the same majority will not be able to answer this question today.

am also certain that a good number of the mumbai 's best will not be able to answer this question.

where has Mr. Hassan Gafoor been all this time?

the most obvious person to lead the entire counter operations would be the chief of police.
but there was nary a scent on Mr. Gafoor's whereabouts throughout the early stages of the attacks.
i just managed to find one news article at 1140AM on 28th Nov in TOI.

in fact, Mr Gafoor's online presence is negligible to say the least.
his appointment was a bit controversial as some quarters termed it 'minority appeasement'.

this is another stinkeroo...


Serious Lounger said...

good question csm - was wondering where he was - but then if you think back to the mumbai blasts - the cops that you think of first are rakesh maria (DCP) and mn singh (JCP) and not so much samra who was the cp then of mumbai.. plus i think somewhere very early he or someone else in the policing community realised this required army and nsg presence and hence, took the rather courageous call in my opinion to call these folks in right at the beginning.. maybe thats the reason why you havent heard about it..

csm said...

sl - whatever the size of the operation, the CP has been conspicuous by his absence/low level presence.
the raj thackeray episodes, rahul raj episode and now this.
looks like gafoorsaab likes his AC or has been told to maintain the AC temperature log in his office.