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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

pink salt!

this is an image of the Salt Pans in San Fransisco.
image source is here.

how are salt pans pink?


Vanessa said...

The palette of colors that makes the salt ponds so beautiful is created by a complex ecosystem. The colors range from pale green through deep coral pink to bright red. The color indicates the salinity of the ponds. Micro-organisms change their hues as the salinity of the pond increases. In low to mid-salinity ponds, green algae is predominant, giving the water a deep greenish cast. As the salinity continues to build up, an algae called Dunaliella shifts the color to a lighter shade of green. In middle to high salinity ponds, the Dunaliella produces a red pigment. Millions of tiny brine shrimp lend an orange cast to the water in mid-salinity ponds. Salt loving bacteria such as Stichococcus also contribute red tints to high salinity brine.

Vanessa said...
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csm said...

"millions of tiny brine shrimp".
this is why many hard core veggies dont take sea salt.

one more example of how the animal/plant kingdom is more adaptive than us humans.