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Friday, May 09, 2008

greendex - a green index

we did a test 2 months ago calculating our global footprint and water footprint.

now there is a new green index - greendex - from nat geo. this was done through a qualitative survey of around 14000 consumers in 14 countries.
india and brazil are the greenest countries with scores of 60 each.

they also have an individual calculator.
csm score is 75.

there is a knowledge quiz.
csm scores 5/6.


Ludwig said...

Hah! I've rigged the individual score calculator and end up with a 58. But the questions are very western centric, there are assumptions that some form of a/c or heating _has_ to be there etc.

And flunked the quiz. 4/6. Got the population thing wrong, and the mammals thing! And got the "source of CO2" right!! WTF...

csm said...

thats the sad part of all these indices and quizzes.
the designers have obviously not butted out of US and europe.

i missed the "source of CO2".
damn wood is so smoky confused me and made me forget that CO2 is a colourless odourless gas.
the forecast population is really scary. imagine 25-30 million in mumbai.
to paraphrase babu bhaiyya in hera pheri.... "ya allah, uta de, mujhe nahin, baaki sab ko."

Vanessa said...

I am right there with the Americans - 48 :(
we eat food imported from India everyday. except for fruits and veggies.
we drink bottled water everyday.
There is no option to car.
There is a heater at home- used for 3 months in the year, no AC.
Lots of things contribute...

75 is an amazing score i must say.

csm said...

with no meat, bottled water, car, household heating/cooling (which is majority of india) - automatically scores become high.
v - you can surely cut down the bottled water. thats an overkill in the US.