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Sunday, May 11, 2008

weather complaints

why do we complain about the weather? all the time, almost like an all-weather complaint system.

madras is hot now. like early 40s in deg C.
happens each year.... unfailingly.
rains in bombay, fairly incessantly during the monsoon.
delhi is cold winters, each and every winter.
but each year, we keep hearing incessant streaming complaints from far and near .

what is it in our make-up that makes it 'india whining' at the most natural and predictable of weather occurrences.
other international friends can throw light if this is solely a desi trait.

goddam sweat is pouring off onto the keyboard. this heat, i tell you.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

well i strongly feel that people from bangalore (and mysore), barring myself, are especially annoying at this. they check out the max min temperatures in various cities routinely and come up with conclusions such as 'Mumbai (or whatever city other than their own) heat is unbearable in May' while the fact of the matter is that its just bloody hot all over our country at least in certain months., and they surely have no means of knowing anything about this, having not bothered to leave the confines and comforts of their own homes.

I am circulating a family rumour now that I LIKE the weather in Mumbai & Chennai (HA!) This is throwing people off balance quite a bit. You are supposed to constantly crib & have some idealistic dreams about your birthcity. damned if I will conform to such idiocity (!)

Vanessa said...

international friends? :)
I would say, its worse with the others. Brits are known for their obsession with weather. Rather all Europeans.
Here people check weather reports before travelling, planning an outing, anything under the sun actually.
I have a cousin who stays nearby, we were thinking of meeting up. And she is like, this sat its going to rain, lets meet next sat. Rain huh...
Thats how obsessed people are.

Probably becos weather here changes fast. Not as predictable as in India.

Serious Lounger said...

ah, i crib abt the weather, but then i crib abt everything.. bangalore does make wusses out of people - i mean for 8 months a year it feels like you dont need an a/c, for two of the remaining 4 it rains, so only 2 months of heat and of course, that means cribs.. Madras of course is divine, the litres of sweat, the stinking sticky shirt, the urge to take off all clothes and jump into water, even if it were just the cooum.. hmm csm, ye and ye logics..

csm said...

my point - which is postworthy is that weather is so much more manageable if we just stop cribbing abt it.
especially, when you know whats coming up.
with unpredictability like in UK, etc, it is just an extra reason to crib.
but certainly, bombay weather is by far the best from all the cities i have experienced. which really means nothing.