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Friday, May 23, 2008

waste statistics

decreasing waste generation is catching people's fancy for sometime and more so in the wake of the recent food crisis.
my earlier post and kbpm's recent are just a partial list

just bumped in 50 ways to help the planet.
here are some astounding stats:
1. each child uses 5000-8000 diapers in their babyhood.
2. each american uses 2200 paper napkins a year.
3. recyling sunday papers in america will save 2 million trees a month.
4. 130 million cell phones will be replaced each year.
5. 500 billion plastic bags are used every year.
6. 138 billion plastic straws and stirrers are used/disposed every year in amercia.
7. 15 billion batteries are used and disposed each year.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

so, i returned the bag in which they brought me my beers. what do i need it for? The monster asked me today, how come we get bags from the supermarket but not from the gaadi when we buy veggies? and i found a wonderful Berenstein Bears Book (will show you what that is all about next time we meet) about Pollution and Recycling. and yes, we are diaper free for several months now. though we are spending extra on detergent some days. :) :) Now if I can educate those maids of mine, I can really pretend to have started being a good girl...

csm said...

returning beers covers is sweet. been doing it for some time now.

try these:
1. wrapping the garbage in the newspaper and not with black plastic bags. the wrapping also prevents the decomposing process.
2. you have some space. get some pots and plants done. you could start a mini disposal system vide composting/veg wash water, etc.

sameersampat said...

the numbers are mind-boggling..