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Monday, July 16, 2007

panagal park

panagal park is now 'pagal na' park in my dictionary.

it is in t nagar in madras.

it is the heartland of shopping in madras.
i am told that the one stretch of around 0.25 sq km has around 200 jewellery shops.
there are tons of other shops for sarees, dresses, household stuff and you name it.

was there visiting a friend (bad place to have a house). just was the most horrendous 200 metres to walk. ever...unbelievable level of congestion and cramping. and mostly due to encroachments of pavements by shopkeepers, encroachment of roads by pedestrians and illegally parked vehicles and the resultant mish mash is the 'worst place on earth' (it gets doubly bad during deepavali times).

while at the house, it started raining and heavily at that.
so now we had the 'wettest worst place on earth'. had the good chance to acquaint myself with 'utter chaos'.

one auto driver commented that it is impossible to stay away from pagal na park - if you are single. willing to take that on.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

if you are a shopping fanatic, it is heaven. apparently. you must have missed the storefront of Pothys. It is made out as a fake garden, replete with flowers and leaves, sort of like Karan Johar would imagine that beautiful garden Alice glimpsed through the small door. also, if you dared live my rather dangerous life, you would know that inside the monstrous big stores the classification is as follows -
Ground Floor: Saris for Rs. 100-Rs.200
First Floor: Saris for Rs.200-Rs.500
& so on.
But then it was raining, you were possibly not even in the mood for the Rs.50000 'sari with pocket' (pink in colour) the hoardings of which you must have seen.
Forget all that, there is a park. I have jogged there. And not been accosted by single auto drivers :-( And the Somasundaram Cricket Ground, in its vast awesome-ness, is just a short walk away.

csm said...

you used the word. one needs to be fanatical to like the place.

it really did not need the rain to deter my mood.

i have seen the park and the ground. very incongruous but very essential. must be quite a nightmare to reach the park/ground under these circs.