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Thursday, July 12, 2007

dharavi redevelopment

certainly the most well known slum in india and probably in asia and the world too!!
has tags of the world's largest slum, asia's largest, etc. there is even a movie by its name.

national geographic has done a great cover story on dharavi in may 2007.
some photos are on this cbc news item.

over 10 years, this area has been under the redevelopment scanner.
the slum rehabilitation agency has this on their site as plans for dharavi.

sparc is one of the leading citizen agencies trying to ensure a fair deal for the residents. their short assessment is here.

kalpana sharma shot to fame with her rediscovering dharavi. here is a review by dilip.

dilip himself is doing a series on dharavi. here is part 1 and part 2. watch his blog for more.

for me this redevelopment will be a benchmark on how this city moves ahead with humane development.
if this flops, i am gettting out of here.


Vanessa said...

How long will you wait to decide whether its has flopped or no? The project might go on forever.

csm said...

2-3 years from now is my estimate of ow long i would be able to wait for results.