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Thursday, July 05, 2007

double press

imagine walking into a multi storey building.
you walk up to the lift and press the 'lift-call' button (lcb).
the red dots flare up.
clearly indicating that the button has been pressed.

another person comes.
he quickly glances at the top of the lift-doors (to see which floor the lift is at) and then at the lcb.
he observes it is red and lit up.
he deftly steps up to the lcb and jabs it again.
just to make sure that the lift now knows that there is one more in the queue.
just to make the lift wince in pain as the metallic callipers squeeze the ball bearings. as if to say, "come down you SOB, now."

same scene is re-created inside the lift too. the ground floor button is ablaze for everyone to see.
the new entrant glances at it, furrows his brow and thinks, "i can get it to move faster". and jabs at the button again.

morons. they make life interesting.


Vanessa said...

This is so true.
Over here, people love to hold up lifts. I press the lcb and the lift is forever on floor number 'x'. It gets really irritating.

csm said...

v - then you press again.
haven't you seen my moron friends who go ballisti in eactly the same situations. then it is double, triple...multiple press.
at this time it is really fascinating to watch the face contortions which will put russian gymnasts to shame.

Vanessa said...

hmmm...i am another version of a moron. I wait for the lift to finally arrive and whoever emerges is dead. "What the hell were u doing keeping the lift for so long????"
moron cos, i know very well, its a waste telling these people anything