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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

garbage terrorism

brahmapuram - a village in kerala is at the receiving end of garbage terrorism.
the 'bin laden' in this case is bins laden with kochi city's garbage .

here is the whole story.
The stench emanating from the garbage for hours made the locals sick. Some
fainted; some others had severe headache and nausea. By evening 30 of them were hospitalised. Ignoring the peoples' protests, the Corporation continued dumping waste for five days on the site acquired for setting up the garbage treatment plant.

seriously, the idea of cleaning is actually only a transfer of dirt from one place to another. be in sweeping ones house or a whole city.
minimising garbage should/can be the solution.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

bins laden, good one!
this is really absurd though..sweeping the stuff into neighbours house, throwing hair and nails out of the window, the things that fill every Indians heart with pride.

csm said...

thanks kbpm - have not seen that one earlier. surprised at how humorists missed out on such a sitting duck.
out of sight is still very much in.
the trash can ranks in my books as one of the most deleterious inventions of all time.