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Sunday, January 16, 2011

what's growing - 2010-2011 winter season

here is what is currently growing out here.
the winter season will hopefully keep on for its usual course till late february.
most of it is self-explanatory.
the variety is wide, but some of the exotic/leafy vegetables are in small patches only.

1. red long bean - from deepika/bernard (auroville)

2. radish-carrot bed (both likely to be hybrid varieties)

close up of item 2..

3. chakara kumbhala - yellow pumpkin: from janadanya

4a. potato bed 1

4b. potato bed 2

5. ridge gourd: from janadanya

6. bitter gourd: a hybrid variety, but it is in its second generation and soon the yellow one will yield seeds for the third generation.

7. pak choy (chinese greens)

8. lettuce: unknown parentage - from a friend

9. mixed spinach/arai and siru keerai: seeds from madurantakam seed shop

10. cabbage: hybrid

11. brinjal: from deepika/bernard (auroville)

12. beans - hybrid

13. tomato: hybrid

14. winged bean - from deepika/bernard (auroville)

15. sweet potato

16. creeper spinach - pasalai keerai

in addition, we have just planted some exotic varieties of beans (from deepika), snake gourd, ash gourd, bottle gourd and lots of cow pea.


Purvs said...


Osai Chella said...

Wow ! Lovely ! Cheers ! I just started test planting !

Vanessa said...

That's a lot of hard work. Good job.

Carolyn Robbins said...

Love love love seeing all your beautiful vegetables and butterflies. I can't help but wonder how you prepare them (the beans, not the wings). Maybe there will be a point return cookbook one of these days? And what if, when you prepare your meals, you take a few shots? Or something right out of the fire, or sitting ready to eat? Ahhhh....what a pleasure to see that!

madhavi said...

wow that's pretty good variety - what about seeds from annadana also from auroville - they have good package deal. do you spray panchgavya or amirit pani anything else ???
thanks for pictures

csm said...

oc - good luck brother at liFE :-)

v - kadi mehnat ka phal bhi meetha hota hai.

carolyn - the winged variety was prepared on the same lines as the regular market beans and they turned out pretty tasty. yes, a recipes post may be possible. we need a person to do that :-)

m - i missed out listing peas and okra and flat beans ;-)
sid has done some sporadic spraying of panchagavya.