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Thursday, January 06, 2011

the boss of point return... our little black ball of fur - appudu.

he has first claim on our laps and whatever we may be doing, he is likely to cozy up.

appudu was conferred this 'boss-ship' after he beautifully cornered a russels viper one night.
this spectacle patterned slinky fella had wandered into our lower floor (probably chasing a frog/looking for warmth).
appudu (and most cats) likes strings and he must have got attracted to the twisting tail and faced-off with Mr RV
we hear a series of whooshes (like air escaping from a cycle tyre) and came down to investigate and come across this dance.
poor Mr RV could not move in any direction and we were forced to knock him dead (as he is a dangerous fella and was right in our living space). a pity as he was quite beautiful.

currently he is the only domestic animal in pR.
we do plan to start a wild animal series like we have started with butterflies.


Vanessa said...

He looks scary

Anonymous said...

Oh he is a beautiful cat! Cats find you, and not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

For the kind of life in pR, it helps to keep cats, dogs, goats, etc. They can sense the presence of intruders much better than the modern single-dimensional visually driven human. Our lab killed a few scorpions, that we didn't even realize were there. This for a city dog living an otherwise packaged life. Of course the pets can be a distraction at times, but with poisonous animals around, you can't get have better friends than these.
Also be careful about the forest officials, they don't like killing animals through mechanical means. Using pesticide, herbicide, rodent poison, etc, especially MNC brands, for mass elimination of wildlife is ok ;)

Kannan said...

I suggest you guys grow kinniKozhi - it looks like Turkey (don know the english name ). People in the farms in my area grow this bird as snake repellent

Peacock , Turkey also does the job , but the KinniKozhi seems to be more effective

I am planning to put a couple of KinniKozhi birds in my farm which is similar to your farm

All the best


csm said...

v - cmon.
uk - spot on.
anon - yes. we have recetly spotted a mongoose and regularly spot owls, brahminy kites, etc., which will keep nature in balance.
anyway i am not scared of snakes and generally are watchful and careful when are likely to be in their operating zones.
kannan - we have foxes in the area and am certain that they will love kozhi curry.