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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

vegetables in 2010

we maintained (and continue to do so) a fairly exhaustive (but not necessarily well designed) vegetable production database.

it is a public document and here is the link.

2010 was a real dream start. a total of 130 kgs dominated by cowpea, pumpkin and bottle gourd (approx 2/3rds of total production).
and interestingly these 3 toppers are all creepers and are not from our raised beds system of veg growing.

additionally, we would have bought over 250 kgs of vegetables from the market.
so in all, our production works to meeting around 1/3rds of our total consumption.

what is heartening is the diversity.
with the extra growing veg beds, we could go up meeting half of our vegetable consumption in this year.

NO, we will not set any targets on output variables. only targets on input variables. and this is another post.


madhavi said...

hello all at PR
Happy english new year, pongal. csm - with the vegetable beds you created according to BOB - be that change - he was talking about the breakdown of wood chips on the path - since it has been few weeks have you seen this breakdown at PR. Being self sufficient is a big challenge and should take 2-3 years - till you understand the soil and all - are the seeds you use for vegetables open pollinated - and any pest how do you tackle.

Anonymous said...

yes, since you have followers who would like traditional varieties, open pollinated, non-hybrids, you should list the specific variety that you are growing, and the source of the seeds.