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Sunday, January 23, 2011

rice experiment 2 - update

the first rice experiment in the pond did not come through.
the second experiment is running and was on a different spin. to grow it in a rain-fed manner and without any flooding.

we had planted a 3 monther (variety called gundu) and a 4 monther (variety called thuyamalli).

have to say that they look reasonable.

the field with gundu...

though they are running a bit behind schedule, we realise that even this level of maturing with the very poor level of fertility is amazing. check the close ups of the grain heads.

the field with thuyamalli...a mite less promising than gundu.

maybe in a month, you should read about the harvest and stuff.


Anonymous said...

yes, they do look reasonable, an afternoon snack for a cow ;)

Manisha said...

hmmm... all the best!

csm said...

anon - even at best output, it will end up at best as a idli snack for 3 :-)

thanks manisha....