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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6. Euthalia Nais - Baronet

the same family as No. 5 - the common baron, we have another pretty yellow/orange b'fly - the Baronet.

all credit to k for her tracking and photgraphy skills..
and this is fresh of the blocks as you would have made out from the date on the shot :-)


madhavi said...

nice collection of butterflies - seen some of them you have posted at my house - now I have an idea of their names - thanks for documenting. One question - most of the time the caterpillars are found on lemon plants and keep eating all the leaves - any answers.
couple years ago I planted a milkweed plant and had monarch butterfly caterpillar and then bell shaped chrysalis - then these never came back not sure why

Anonymous said...

This picture has better focus than the other ones ;)
At some point you should document the caterpillar and pupal life stages of the butterflies. Nice that you are restoring the richness of tropical life, while most farmers consider this as a nuisance.

csm said...

m - most of what we have got till now are the common ones (as is apparent from the names).

a - thanks.
we are hoping to host a lepidoptorist at some time to do this detailing.
are you one? ;-)