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Friday, January 07, 2011

5. Euthalia aconthea - Common Baron

and continuing the common series of butterflies, we have a common baron (which may sound a bit contradictory).
a beautiful steel grey-blue b'fly - which we found snucking away at the jaggery sack.

a better picture than the wikipedia one is here.


Krupakar said...

B'ful. Hope are watching the birds too- there are bound to be quite a few migrants about at this time of the year (the greenish warbler, ashy drongo, golden oriole, gray wagtail, white wagtail etc being the common migrants).

csm said...

krups - k and sid are keen birders.
we have listed all the sightings.
no photos though.
will post list soon.
vedanthangal is just 12-16 kms as the crow flies :-)
and as our trees grow, etc. we should be on their preferred list.