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Monday, October 04, 2010

the story of nai talim

one of the least known/least practised/most ignored but very relevant topics that gandhiji wrote about is education.
his concept of "nai talim" is refreshing and brilliantly contextual even to india of today (perhaps more relevant now).

what is surprises me is that inspite of gandhiji's followers spreading far and wide post his death/independence to start educational institutions, the use of nai talim is very sparse in the educational landscape.
over the last few months, as i have lived at pR and had had the time to mull over the 6 years i spent in the education space, i am now convinced that nai talim is the best educational system for india.
in an earlier post on 'morality of career choices', i had pointed to prayaag joshi who is running a nai talim based school in chattisgarh - imlee mahuaa.

for those who are keen to get a close look at this philosophy, do read the story of nai talim by marjorie sykes.
like i said before, i am convinced that this is the model i would apply.

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