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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

compost piles - update

we made our compost piles in early june 2010.
now we in end oct 2010. over 4.5 months of composting.
during this time, we had good rains (at least 20 days of rain).

we did check the piles over the interim and could feel the warmth that accompanies decomposition.
also we were in no hurry to use the compost, and so we let it continue to mature.

last week, we got our shovels out and emptied out half of a pile onto our new rice field and our vegetable beds and the mango trees.

the pile was nearly 4 feet when created. over four months, it has sunk to less than 1 feet.
so a total compost volume generated of 30 cu feet per pile X 2 piles = 60 cu ft.
320 cu ft -> 60 cu ft

smells lovely, feels moist and crumbly.
looks like we added a little more soil than required during the layering.
you can almost see the soil (last pic).

if you compare the pics from the june to oct, you will not fail to notice the intense vegetative growth surrounding the piles.


Anonymous said...

The compost looks ugly ;). But hope to see more pictures of plant,animal and microbial life as you restore the ecology.

Natti said...

Wow, extremely interesting what you are doing. Completely away from the noise of the city and living life as it was many eons back. Great website.

csm said...

anon - sure thing.

natti - thanks. the silence is worth a million bucks a month.

Madhavi said...

what a wonderful job with the compost. Have been following your site for last 6 months, got your contact through cityfarmers, mumbai. Thank you for having the courage to do this and posting on the web so all can read. Your insight and experiences are useful for others who want to follow a similar path. I suppose we should thank Mr D.V.S. for providing this opportunity.
have a good one


csm said...

madhavi - welcome. and glad that you are enjoying it.