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Monday, October 18, 2010

the indestructible McD meal

burger and fries must be the most popular meal in the world.
fast food system at its very effective best has mastered this meal.
and people are lapping it up like there is no tomorrow.

but wait, there is something you should see.
artist sally davies' science project with the McD's happy meal.

photographed over 6 months, the happy meal lives up to its name - 'happy'.

for parents who are struggling to wean their kids (or themselves) away from fast food addictions, this is a must read/see.

this is not a fool-proof indictment of fast food, but is a fun one.

these are the ones that should carry the tag-line - "please try this at home"


Vanessa said...

Yeah. I saw this article too. Wonder how is that possible. Its all organic material. Made from flour (the bun), potatoes etc.

Anonymous said...

Organic material, but considered unapproachable by bacteria that breaks down organic material. That probably also means it cannot be processed by the bacteria in the human gut. So the meal would either go through the system unprocessed, or worse, it would be mal-processed, generating byproducts that mess up the system.

An interesting experiment would be to mark one of these meals using some kind of bio-tag, and track its movement through the digestive system. And compare that to (say) how an apple with the same tag goes through the system.

csm said...

v - please try it at home.

anon - theoretically, it is possible that at zero moisture, the bacteria will not be able to initiate the decomposition.
but i cannot believe that there was no moisture in the meal components or as humidity in the air.

your suggestion is superb to nail the fast food business.