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Monday, August 23, 2010

watched peepli (live)

for a blog which has a tag on 'sainath', peepli (live) has nothing new to tell.
but it tells a familiar story in a very entertaining manner.
a story not so much on the farmer suicide issue as much as about the television media.
through most of the movie i was chuckling.
the news channels have been hilariously ripped apart for their TRP-crazed approach to journalism.

in general, this movie has given many urban residents/viewers a first look into the depressing life of debt-ridden farmers. and many of the oohs and aahs and ouches seem to be emanating from this crew. the final scenes segueing (always wanted to use this word) into credits stating "8 million farmers have quit farming from 1991 to 2001" attempt to re-remind the audience of the grimness underlying the story.
will it provoke them to dig deeper and ask some tough questions?
it will. at least as much as TZP and 3 Idiots got the very same crew to mull over the issue of school and college education.
which is - not much enough.

for movies to be both entertaining and seriously thought-provoking, go see anbe sivam and arai en 305il kadavul.
interestingly both these films flopped while peepli (live) is a hit.

watch this very space to see how many farmers quit farming between 2001 and 2011. it could be in excess of 25 million...

you can read brangan's and sukanya's reviews for their take.


Kishore said...

The trend of farmers quitting is a disaster for any nation.

One cannot eat buildings, software or cars.

Smarter nations have zealously protected their food sources.

Where is India headed?

Ventaky said...


I was little surprised to read this :
"watch this very space to see how many farmers quit farming between 2001 and 2011. it could be in excess of 25 million...".

It seemed little pessimistic to have come from you. The above statement could be realistic one, but mentioning it looked bit discouraging!. While reading this I was reminded of Thuruvalluvar said about farming!.
PS: I am very away from farming; by training I am a physicists!

csm said...

ventaky - not mentioning is not going to make it not happen...
it is a scary but real scenario and we need to be real scared now...
and i dont think operating from a scared place is necessarily bad.