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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

and then there were three

pR will grow to be a community of around 10-15 adults as full time residents. and another 20-30 odd part time residents/outreach partners.
this main group of 10-15 will work and stay and grow together.

after over 8 months being just the two of us, we now gratefully welcome siddharth into pR.
sharp readers will recall his presence during the ragi planting.

i know siddharth since 1991 - he was one year senior to me at engineering and we were in the same hostel.
he was also a senior at b-school, though he graduated when i joined.
after around 8 years in the IT business, he moved to be a farmer in 2004-05. and after various experimental rounds in rural karnataka and tamilnadu, he has chosen pR as the next nesting site.

and the fun will continue.


Arvind said...

More impetus for me to visit pR! Does Sid blog?

csm said...

yes dear arvind.
sid doesnt blog....yet :-)

SurveySan said...

not sure, if i will be in the 10-15 group, but most certainly will strive to get into the 20-30 group, if my return2india succeeds soon :)

csm said...

SS - will wait and watch :-)