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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

guess who came visiting

photo courtesy - DV

our local veteran - annamalai - says that it is his first ever sighting in this location.


Raja said...

Oh Wow!!!

This is awesome!!

Ekluvya said...

kadamba, kathirvela, karthikeya, shanmuganatha, yenappane Muruga….Pazham nee appa, gnyana pazham nee appa…There are lots of peacock in Hyderabad city..near hi-tech and they have a distinct high pitched shriek which you can hear in a all the traffic nearby…great short skd

Nandakumar V said...

Well, it is indeed a lovely moment. I am reminded of a French poem " to paint the portrait of a bird" by Jacques Prevert.Better read in French.But here is one version of the translation in English.

“to paint the portrait of a bird” (jacques prevert)
September 10, 2007 First paint a cage
with an open door
then paint
something pretty
something simple
something beautiful
something useful
for the bird
then place the canvas against a tree
in a garden
in a wood
or in a forest
hide behind the tree
without speaking
without moving …
Sometimes the bird comes quickly
but he can just as well spend long years
before deciding
Don’t get discouraged
wait years if necessary
the swiftness or slowness of the coming
of the bird having no rapport
with the success of the picture
When the bird comes
if he comes
observe the most profound silence
wait till the bird enters the cage
and when he has entered
gently close the door with a brush
paint out all the bars one by one
taking care not to touch any of the feathers of the bird
Then paint the portrait of the tree
choosing the most beautiful of its branches
for the bird
paint also the green foliage and the wind’s freshness
the dust of the sun
and the noise of insects in the summer heat
and then wait for the bird to decide to sing
If the bird doesn’t sing
it’s a bad sign
a sign that the painting is bad
but if he sings it’s a good sign
a sign that you can sign
so then so gently you pull out
one of the feathers of the bird
and you write your name in a corner of the picture

Unknown said...