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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

rains continue to bless us

the summer of 2010 has to go down as one of the best rain times for tamilnadu.
the rain data shows that majority of the districts have received much in excess of the normal rain.

last night we reaped the benefit and continue to reap the largesse from this cloud cover.

i used to track the monsoon in mahrashtra religiously, and here is the latest (Aug 2010) district rainfall map.
mah should have nothing to complain. of course, this is assuming that enough water has been stored up in the ponds, lakes, dams, reservoirs, etc.

2010 overall monsoon over india is a considerable improvement from a dismal 2009.
other than a very strong feel-good factor, i think that the above data doesnt matter!!
what say?


Prathapan said...

That is great news indeed

Rakesh said...

The pond will fill up with water. Any plans to add some fish (seedlings) ?

csm said...

rakesh - yes. not in this rain. pond has gone up by around 2-3 inches only. it fills up in the oct-dec monsoon only. then we shall have some fish.

Anonymous said...

once you have all water harvesting structures in place, you'd probably have no reason to watch the weather channel!
As for fishes, the tendency now is to seed public ponds and tanks with a few varieties of carps and auction off the pond to the highest bidder. Much of the native varieties of fishes are lost.

Purvs said...

I predict we will still have a water shortage. And Pune is in for a TOUGH year ahead. Already one of our own ed leader had to stay over at someone else's home just so that they could shower!

csm said...

purvi - you could say that for any city, except maybe chennai...

cities have got used to 'pilfering' water from neighbouring farming districts.
rich urbanites are too casual about water usage and management.
the poor guys are breaking into the pipelines.
cities will have to start fending for their own supply, i.e., each building/family will have to do their bit on saving each drop that falls.
i shall remind you of this powerful Ted talk by anupam mishra -