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Thursday, August 12, 2010

appudu is here!

after copping a lot of flak for poisoning the toe-nibbling rodents, we have taken the most obvious and simple solution...

appudu is here.

4 months old, jet black, watery eye, he has already set upon himself to keep the pavilion rodent-free.
he was on our acquisition radar for some time, and it was rather sudden that the deal was finalised.
his claws will, over time, damage the ropes that hold up the pavilion. but we shall conjure up a solution.


Jellicles said...

what a gorgeous creature! while cats are happy hunting and eating rodents, sometimes they need food too. raw meat is best during the times when he has completely eradicated his food supply. cows milk causes indigestion in cats tho'...they'd love boiled eggs..but you probably already know all this..:)

get ready..he'll soon be bringing you 'gifts'..snakes, parrot heads...mice. say thanks and accept with grace..:)

p.s. i feel a little odd saying this as i realise that life in a farm is entirely different to life in the appudu going to be neutered so he wont be spawning little appudus?

Jayadeep(JDP) said...

Way to go, in my hometown where my mother lives, we have had snakes coming inside the house and creating problems. But once she had some cats for company, the snakes kept away(they didn't vanish though). And the snakes took care of the rodents - there was a nice balance. Now she is complaining about the large number of cats that she needs to feed and who uses her furniture freely:) But our land is pretty small compared to your farm.

Unknown said...

Being the ardent animal person, can't wait to come and pet him!
With cats, you have to wait for him to adopt you guys.

csm said...

@all - thanks for the advice.
i would like to believe that he has an exhaustible source of lizards, garden lizards, and others...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the pun, this looks like an old panchtantra story of a Sadhu leaving his disciple for a pilgrimage, by the time he comes back Disciple would have a family and he would be farming.