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Monday, July 26, 2010

resume additions

skill - adept at slicing through very sticky situations.

skill - expert at fertility enhancement via manure aggregation


ME said...

More kottais than pazhams. :)

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

you guys are too cute!

csm said...

AILi - perhaps you have not heard of the peeler tax :-)
i charge this at around 25%.

kenny - that statement is reserved for baby photos/kids photos on FB ;-)

Rags said...

Put all the jackfruit seeds in open fire & eat them after they are cooked..Amazing taste..


csm said...

rags - your recipe is the classic hunter-gatherer approach and ours is the classic gatherer-sambar approach.

Unknown said...

Is this coinidence or what?

Last week I just felt like of eating jack fruit and so went out looking for a fresh one but no luck. At last I bought the canned version. I live i the US and so had to adjust with the packaged garbage.
But thanks for posting these images, brought back my old memories when I used to cut and eat jack fruit exactly the way you do here.

Hope you had tasty "Pala sulais"

Choxbox said...

Total coolness.

csm said...

wian - very tasty sulais indeed. skip the cans please.

just for fruits, one should pick india to live im :-)

box - having pala with definitions of 'total' will have to be looked up

Ananthoo said...

did u consume one raw kottai atleast..thats a great aid for digestion..
my grand father used to say that one seed can help digest even a (consumed) full rags said, u shud have set aside some for that fire roasting and eating..that wud be yummy!

Unknown said...

Did you apply castor oil and peel them out?
I would like to try roast ones!

MP said...

There is this famous Osacar Wilde story called The Picture of Dorian Gray, where someone draws a picture of the young and beautiful Mr. Gray, and he wishes that he always remains as in the picture. He gets that wish, remaining young and beautiful regardless of all the debauchery he engages in, while the picture grows old and gnarled and dark.

I think of (conventional) resume-building as the reverse of this story, where the person grows old and gnarled and dark, while the resume becomes beautiful.

Happy to see a case where additions to the resume makes the people more beautiful. I guess that's the essential difference with the path you have taken.