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Friday, July 16, 2010

lillies in the pond

you have seen our pond in previous posts. we had used the water in the emergency using the treadle pump.

it is a catchement of approx 2 million litres capacity and a maximum depth of around 8 feet.
in peak rains (late oct to mid nov), it fills up and is a sight we eagerly await to feast upon.

to jazz up the surface, DV gets a few lillies for us to populate the pond.
along with plain beautification, the addition of a simple flower just amps up the bio-diversity.
and the leaf cover should ease evaporation loss.

planting was simple. ease out the mud/clay to form a small ditch (under water). place and cover the roots/bulb of the lily with the eased out mud.

and 3 weeks later, we are greeted by this sight in the morning.

and there were two...

and with the new windturbine in the background....


Narasinga said...

Looks great

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...


SurveySan said...

i am all tears :)

Unknown said...

HELLO Babies!!

csm said...

waiting for them to spread out and cover the pond. we are also looking out for lotuses...a ha