Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

obsession with white... likely to be the death of us.
clothes, teeth, skin, rice, flour, sugar.

giving it the veneer of purity, we are being taken for a grand ride by greedy, exploitative marketeers.

in my advisory that will go against conventional thinking, avoid food products that are white.
it is most certainly likely to have been 'manufactured' to use the white=pure equation.


Vanessa said...

Absolutely! darn 'Fair and Lovely'

Magesh said...

Is there any natural product that has pure white color. Just asking out of curiosity.

Unknown said...

Coconut, tapioca, vazhaithandu (all of them inside part only), many flowers (malligai),

something that comes to my mind immediately....there may be some more

Vanessa said...


csm said...

v - f n l is marginally safer than the others. it is damaging to one's mental health.

wian - good list.

v - pure cow's milk has an yellow tinge (the same yellow which becomes the golden colour in desi ghee).

magesh - snow!!

Vanessa said...

"it is damaging to one's mental health"
I think I know what you mean. But not sure. Please elaborate.

Unknown said...

white raddish cauliflower ...still thinkin about it!

csm said...

v - all f n l users are told they are losers and most probably they fully believe that. what more explanation is required!

wian - all are off-white brother/sister. keep at it :-)

Jayadeep(JDP) said...

btw, cow's milk is not human being should consume, it is for the calf - yet another white thing to avoid! BTW, I found this blog yesterday and has been going over it since then - fantastic and lots of information!

csm said...

jayadeep - welcome into farm, yeah pages.
good to see you active here with points.
fyi - milk is a borderline/arguable/debatable point and your point is what vegans take. we are not vegans.
are you one?