Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Saturday, July 24, 2010

agricultural revival

this is the title of the latest magazine from infochangeindia.

some superb stories and interview.
1. nammalvar (organic farming messiah of TN) interview
2. the movement - the new agriculture, i.e., really it means the older/ancient forms and methods of farming
3. natural farming - subhash sharma (quite astoundingly, i linked a story on this same farmer exactly 3 years ago)
4. home-gardening at wayanad
5. natural farming in tribal orissa.

well, there is hope, it seems...


Krupakar said...

You perhaps know this one...I subscribe to the 'Eternal Bhoomi' magazine and find it 'unputdownable'. It has absorbing articles by international and national pioneers in organic farming and ecological initiatives...Vandana Shiva, Michael Pollan et al. Another cool thing is that it is printed on wood free paper and using soy based inks, so it is guilt free reading! Worth a try.

csm said...

cool stuff.
did not know.
have sent for subsciption details.
thanks mate :-)