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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

some positives from the political hungama

after the heated debate over the nuclear deal, the results are out.
the UPA govt manages to retain their government (or is it our government...).

i am seriously hoping that among all the nonsense that is happening, i am hoping that DD Loksabha TV channel is making money. by syndicating their live coverage to all the new channels.

some tax money saved!! i hope....


Vanessa said...

The tax money just channeled to the 25 crore per vote??

Aniket said...

Well, Loksabha channel's claim to fame has unfortunately come to an end ... it has to wait for another 'trust' vote now !!!

BTW - did u observe the discrepancy in the Electronic voting scorecard??

csm said...

v - after all, it is a zero sum game.

aniket - missed out on that the discrepancy. cant locate any news on that either.
hope they milked their brief time in the sun.

Aniket said...

The discrepancy was a very interesting one ...after the voting ended, the 'electronic' counting began and the final results showed 253 - 232 with total of 487.

There were 54 MPs who couldn't cast their vote using the electronic system and then the officials had to resort to the manual counting!! The irony of course is that these MPs are in this place today because of the thousands of electronic votes cast in their favor :)) :))