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Thursday, July 17, 2008


this is not about the new tata car, etc, etc.
i got this in my inbox today - central government to start new centers of the Indian Institute of Nano Technology.

nanotechnology primer available here.
Nanotechnology refers to a field of applied science and technology whose theme is the control of matter on the atomic and molecular scale, generally 100 nanometers (10 raised to the power of -9) or smaller, and the fabrication of devices or materials that lie within that size range.
when i tried to get to the bottom of this - i could not find the aforementioned indian institute.
i found the nanoindian site and i found the amity insitute of nano technology.

what pickled me to no end, was the acronymisation of these institutes - IINT and AINT.

my vast telugu speaking audience will immediately ROTFL as students studying at IINT will be going 'iintikku' (going home). so probably thats why the central government has selected the cities it has selected.
the second one is quite obvious, ain't it.

p.s. - for the record, it was very funny when i said it to my friend.

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