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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

its all about power

all this hoopla and hullabaloo is over electricity, rather the lack of it.

we are hopelessly short of electricity and current demand-supply gaps are expected to worsen.
major studies estimate that our power needs will shoot up 3 times in the coming 10 years.

and we are losing (via theft/leakages and general government largesse) over 30% of all generated power.

madhukar at alternative perspective studies the sham that is rural electrification.

in the midst of all this - TOI carries out an investigation into how much electricity is being abused by our maharashtra netas when the state is undergoing a serious shortage of power.
1. the maha CM uses more power than the PM.
2. all maha ministers are super-power guzzlers.

as usual, simple common sense of plugging leaks, curbing usages are never paid their due and we are just hell bent on increasing supply.

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