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Saturday, June 21, 2008

that sinking feeling

bombay sinking down into the sea, says DNA.

The BMC had recorded some figures over the last two years and the figures show that the average sea level is going up. The BMC is now collating more data.

In 2006, the highest sea level at high tide was increased by 4.52 m and in 2007 it was 4.62 m and this year the level is expected to be 4.82 m. It indicates that the sea level is rising.

of course, sea level rise could be attributed to melting polar regions.
Marine biologist Vishnu Kanhere said, “The sea level is actually rising due to global warming, but the 30-cm rise over the past three years could not be is not due to this. This is a very rapid rise. In Mumbai, the seashores have been reclaimed. Mumbai itself is a reclaimed area comprising seven islands.
i had posted a year ago on the news from orissa on rising sea levels swallowing up coastal villages.

what man taketh, nature taketh back.

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