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Thursday, June 05, 2008

our cities and their budgets

this is from the RBI report on municipal finances.

leaving aside mumbai, all the other 7 cities add up to just less than mumbai.
for the record, the latest Mumbai Corporation Education Department budget for 2008-09 is over Rs 1000 crore, which itself is more than the overall budget of all the cities.

considering that over 50% are slum dwellers and of them, the per capita figures are just amazing.
the city is quite astonishing.

the budget values is in Rs crore.
city budget per capita
greater mumbai 4162 3417
surat 662 2577
pune 507 1890
ahemdabad 599 1668
chennai 591 1385
hyderabad 338 964
delhi 880 872
bangalore 369 810

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